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Currently Open Conferences

Conference Name Submissions Deadline
14.º Congresso da Associação Internacional de Lusitanistas (CongressoTrienalAIL) April 20, 2024
"Does semantics have a 'too many tools' problem?" workshop at the "Sinn und Bedeutung 29" conference (TooManyTools-SuB29) April 20, 2024
Affective and Emotional Dimensions of Experience: Language, Cognition and Culture (AEDE) April 21, 2024
Pragmatics and Language Learning (PLL2024) April 22, 2024
Encuentro de Lingüística Formal en México/Fomal Linguistics Meeting in Mexico (ELF) April 26, 2024
Evidentials in non-canonical speech acts - SuB 29 workshop (Evidentials-SuB29) April 28, 2024
Symposium on Industrial, Materials and Manufacturing 2024 (SIMM2024) April 30, 2024
The Fourth AMC Symposium: Contact and Language Change (AMC4Sympo) April 30, 2024
De cada língua se constrói o futuro - a voz da sustentabilidade no ensino e aprendizagem das línguas (LingCLiC) April 30, 2024
SCL & SPCL 25th Biennial Conference (Guyana 2024) (SCL2024) April 30, 2024
16th Linguistics Association of Ghana Annual Conference (LAG_2024) April 30, 2024
Sentential Negation Across the Globe (SNAG): theoretical and empirical perspectives (snag2024) May 1, 2024
BerlinBrnoVienna (BBV) May 12, 2024
UIC Bilingualism Forum 2024 (BilForum) May 15, 2024
Task-Based Leveraging Technology (TBLT2025) May 15, 2024
53rd Annual Conference of the Linguistic Association of the Southwest (LASSO) (lasso-53) May 31, 2024
Nonuniformity in Morphophonology, across Frameworks (NUiMPhaF24) May 31, 2024
High Desert Linguistics Society 16 (HDLS16) June 1, 2024
Grapholinguistics in the 21st Century 2024 (G21C) June 1, 2024
LACIM 2024 International Conference: Grammaticalization in Anatolia-Caucasus-Iran-Mesopotamia area (LACIM2024) June 10, 2024
Annual Scientific Sessions 2024, Anuradhapura Clinical Society (ASSACS2024) June 10, 2024
The 15th annual Workshop on Immigrant Languages in the Americas (WILA_15) June 15, 2024
International Symposium on Frontiers of Research in Speech and Music (FRSM-24) June 15, 2024
GOING ROMANCE 2024 (GoRo2024) July 15, 2024