CIUTI International Conference 2024 (CIUTI_Conference2024)

Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) is pleased to announce that the CIUTI International Conference will take place in Shanghai, China, on 28-29 May, 2024. CIUTI gathers universities and scholars distinguished for their outstanding contributions in T&I training and research. This conference aims to provide a platform for researchers, trainers, professionals and industry representatives to share innovative ideas on strengthening inclusiveness and interdisciplinary integration in the fields of translation and interpreting studies.

Advancements in technology have profound impacts on the T&I sector, and across all walks of life. Translators, and more recently, interpreters will increasingly compete with technological solutions to language barriers. On the one hand, language technology holds the promise of offering unprecedented access to information that could never be achieved through human translation and interpreting (Ji, Bouillon & Seligman 2023). On the other hand, it comes with major risks if unsupervised by humans (Bowker 2020). Future opportunities for translators and interpreters will increasingly be shaped by features and shortcomings of multilingual technologies and practitioners’ ability to partner up with technologies, while widening their skills sets. Traditional boundaries between translation and interpreting will likely be washed away as technologies convert spoken into written language surprisingly well.

As a global association of research and training institutes, CIUTI wishes to promote scholarly reflection on the future of translation and interpreting. This conference seeks to showcase the changing dynamics of the field, and examine the onward paths for and elucidate the future role of interpreters and translators as vital intermediaries in the context of globalization and cross-cultural interactions.
We invite contributions which encourage interdisciplinary dialogue between scholars, practitioners and the industry at large, in the form of individual papers, themed panels or round tables.

We invite you to submit contributions in these or related domains:
1. Employability issues for T&I graduates
2. T&I in the context of AIGC
3. T&I studies and human cognition
4. T&I education and online platforms
5. Sociology and translation studies
6. Translation studies and cross-cultural communication

Proposals with empirical findings are particularly welcomed, especially those showcasing an interdisciplinary approach with the participation and collaboration of different actors in the T&I community.
Bowker, L. (2020) Translation technology and ethics. In K. Koskinen and N. Pokorn (Eds.). The Routledge Handbook of Translation and Ethics (pp. 262-278). London: Routledge.
Ji, M., Bouillon, P. and M. Seligman (2023) Translation Technology in Accessible Health Communication. Cambridge: CUP.

Abstract and proposal guidelines
1. Abstracts should be submitted in English, French or Chinese, and must not exceed 300 words (excluding references). The abstract should be single-spaced and in a Unicode font no smaller than 11 point.
2. Proposals for panels and roundtables should contain key information including: the tentative topic and its rationale, estimate composition of the panel/roundtable, duration, format, specific logistic requirements etc. The conference scientific committee will review all the proposals and arrange further consultations with the potential conveners. Panel and roundtable conveners will organize the review process of the papers submitted under their respective topics. Simultaneous interpretation to and from Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish will be provided at the conference.

Submission instructions:

Submission instructions
1. Abstracts should be submitted online through Easyabs, using this link: Should you have any problems submitting your abstract through easyabs, please contact [email protected].
2. Proposals for potential panels and roundtables should contain the identity and affiliation of the conveners and should be sent to: [email protected].

Submissions open

CIUTI Conference 2024 website:

Submissions open: Oct. 15, 2023 - Feb. 10, 2024

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