High Desert Linguistics Society 16 (HDLS16)

Nov. 1, 2024 - Nov. 3, 2024


The 16th biennial High Desert Linguistics Society will take place from Friday, November 1st, through Sunday, November 3rd, 2024 at the University of
New Mexico. The theme of the conference will be “Harmony in Diversity: Innovative Approaches to Language Variation and Change”. We welcome submissions for in-person or virtual presentations, posters, and panels directly related to this topic, as well as work related to cognitive linguistics, functional linguistics, typology, sociolinguistics, sign language linguistics, discourse analysis, and related fields such as anthropology, psychology, sociology, and education.

Submission instructions:

General Requirements and Guidelines
-Abstracts for 20-minute papers and for posters must be submitted electronically on EasyAbs.
-Authors are allowed one single-author submission, but there is no limit on the number of co-authored submissions.
-Presentations must be delivered by one or more of the individuals listed as an author on the originally submitted abstract.
-Papers and posters must be delivered as projected in the abstract or represent bona fide developments of the same research.
-Presenters must complete registration at the time of the conference to present.
-Abstracts will be rated based on how well the abstract outlines the research questions/hypotheses, methodology, findings, and relevance of the work to the theme of the conference, another topic in linguistics, and/or related fields (anthropology, psychology, sociology, and education).

Information about the 'Best Student Abstract' travel award
-All single-author abstracts submitted by students traveling from out of town are considered for the 'Best Student Abstract' travel award
-The award is $200 and may be used for travel-related expenses.

Abstract Format Guidelines
-Abstracts must be submitted in PDF format.
-Abstracts may be submitted in English, Spanish, Portuguese, or ASL.
-For abstracts submitted in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, the main text for each abstract must be no more than 500 words and fit on one page. An optional second page may be used for the presentation of linguistic examples, plots, figures, tables, other diagrams, and references. Margins may be no smaller than 1/2 inch and font no smaller than 10 points. Do not identify yourself in any way on the abstract itself or the name of the file.
-For abstracts submitted in ASL, the video must be no more than 4 minutes. The video should be uploaded to a secure, private location (I.e., Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive), with a link submitted in the .pdf document in lieu of the full written abstract. The author(s) should also include on this page: any linguistic examples, plots, figures, tables, other diagrams, as well as references. Do not include your name or affiliation in the video abstract.
-On the abstract submission form, you will also be asked for a short version of your abstract (max 100 words). We will use this shortened abstract in the conference handbook.

Submissions open: Jan. 24, 2024 - June 1, 2024

Abstract review period: June 1, 2024 - Aug. 1, 2024

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