iTELL Conference 2024 (iTELL2024)

July 3, 2024 - July 4, 2024

Indonesia Technology-Enhanced Language Learning, in collaboration with Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana, is going to hold a conference with the theme of "Multimodal Approaches to Language Learning: Integrating Technology & Creativity".

We invite language teachers, practitioners, scholars and students to share their successes, challenges and the latest findings at this conference.

Topics to explore:

Online Learning During C-19 Pandemic
Emergency Remote Teaching (ERT)
Current Practices in Mobile-Assisted Language Learning
Developments in Mobile Teaching and Learning
Collaborative and/or Interactive Learning with Technology
Teaching Learning Practices with Social Media Technologies and Beyond
E-learning and the Challenges
The Role of Teacher and Learner in Technology-Mediated Learning
Teacher Education and Technology Integration
Digital Game-Based Learning
Virtual Communities and Teaching-Learning Practices
Technologies for Teacher Education
Creating and/or Managing an Online Teaching Learning Environment
New Developments in Pedagogy of Language Teaching and/or Content with Technology
Technology and Assessment Practices
Multimedia-Based Teaching and Learning
National, Regional and International Challenges and/or Reforms in Technology Use
Cyber-culture, Identity, and Language
Blended Learning and Technologies
Virtual Reality
Artificial Intelligence
Augmented Reality
Other Related Areas

Submission instructions:

Submit a 150-word abstract to be considered for the conference.

Submissions open: Nov. 1, 2023 - Feb. 2, 2024

Abstract review period: Feb. 2, 2024 - March 31, 2024

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